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'Smallville' Season 10, Episode 11 Recap

smallville icarus

Clark made Lois' dreams come true with an unforgettable marriage proposal right out of a romantic storybook on this week's 'Smallville.' But while our favorite super manboy and his fiancée were celebrating with their do-gooder buddies, the Darkness was growing and feeding on the fear and paranoia of the citizens of Metropolis.

Influenced by Gen. Slade Wilson's fear-mongering and Vigilante Registration Act propaganda, regular citizens started turning against the only people willing to risk everything to save them -- superheroes, or vigilantes, as the government has branded them.

A group of regular Joes even teamed up to beat down Oliver Queen on the street after hearing that the government had branded him a terrorist. The mob scene was pretty dark and brutal -- 'Smallville' is definitely not shying away from showing us the ugly side of being a superhero this season.

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