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Spoiler! Who Will Be the Sniper’s Victim on Bones? COVER

Now that we've recovered from the emotional mid-season finale (Season 6, Episode 9, "The Doctor in the Photo"), we can't help obsessing over what the next episode (Season 6, Episode 10, "The Bullet in the Brain") might have in store when Bones returns on January 20th. "The Bullet in the Brain" will feature David Boreanaz as director, which seems appropriate, considering this episode is all about Booth's history as a sniper. We're guessing this is the episode where Hannah finally learns all the secrets her special agent boyfriend has been keeping.

Spoilers ahead!

More than that, however, "The Bullet in the Brain" is the start of a three-arc episode, during which the sniper, Ripkin Broadsky (guest star Arnold Vosloo), will "take out" a reccurring character. Since we're thinking "reccurring" means definitely not the main players of Bones (Booth, Brennan, Angela, Cam, or Hodgins) — we won't stand for it, Hart Hanson! —  we can't help speculating who it could be. In the order of least to most likely, here are the candidates.

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Feb 25, 2016 5:13PM EST

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MAJOR SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The person who is shot is the Gravedigger. She is shot in the head whilst Booth and Sweets are escorting her from prison. (The reason as to why she is being released is unknown at the moment). It is believed that Max hired the sniper to protects Brennan. Hence Stephen Nathons spoiler 'we will see Brennan more protected than she has ever been"

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