Hell's Kitchen Season 7 Episode 2 "15 Chef Compete" Review

Well tonight was an interesting night of Hell's Kitchen. There was definately no lack in Chef Ramsay's temper, as the top 15 competitors completed a dinner service showing just how not ready they are to win this competition.

The teams were divided into the red and blue, men vs women. And after the disasters of uncooked chicken, and over salted water. Ramsay decided that neither of the teams deserve to win. But not before one of the competing Chef's decides to quit in the middle of a dinner service. This being only the second time in Hell's Kitchen history. Andrew Forster leaves voluntarily, obviously unable to take the heat from Ramsay.

The teams were asked to nominate one person each and at first the women nominated Autumn since she was the one that over salted the water, a basic cooking technique. But Ramsay took his own road and eliminated Mikey Termini, the Chef with the Hell's Kitchen tattoo. I was actually enjoying watching him this season, with the crazy hairsprayed hair. But I guess it's goodbye.


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