Joe Carnahan Interview for THE A-TEAM DVD/Blu-ray Release


Joe Carnahan’s adaptation of 1980’s The A-Team was met on release with a certain amount of derision from both critics and audiences unsure of what to make of the film. I’ll admit that on first viewing I found The A-Team to be silly and cartoony. But upon further reflection, the film has begun to grow in my eyes. My initial complaints of the film as silly and/or cartoony seem downright moot, if not just plain misguided. For the film is a silly live action cartoon. Scenes that initially bugged me in theaters – like the heavily promoted tank drop sequence or the climax wherein The A-Team perform three-card Monte with freights – become downright hilarious on repeat viewings. My initial skepticism has given way to a newfound respect and enjoyment towards the film.

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