Recap The Young & The Restless: Monday, September 13, 2010

Owen and Meeks place Ronan under arrest for Chance’s death. When Heather confronts Ronan, he claims it was self-defense. At the Chancellor estate, Paul is forced to inform everyone that Chance died while trying to break up a drug deal. Christine arrives to talk to Nina, but Nina refuses to see her. Later, Nina confronts Christine for keeping Ronan’s secret. Christine is heartbroken for her part in causing in Nina’s pain. 

At the police station, Vance informs Victoria, Billy, and Nick that Victoria is the only person being charged. Victoria, Billy, and Nick realize that Victor set her up. Nikki confronts Victor about his actions. When he defends himself she informs him that Victoria and Billy still exchanged their vows. Later, Billy confronts Victor about Victoria. Victor promises to continue to come after Billy as long as Victoria remains his wife.

After the events of the day, Nick and Phyllis manage to come to an understanding about their relationship and Summer.

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