Recap The Young & The Restless: Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cane arrives at the mansion to give his condolences. Phillip urges Cane to stay away from Australia for his family’s sake as much as his own. Meanwhile, Daniel stops by to check on Lily and the twins. They end up chatting about how unexpectedly great life is right now. Cane lies to Lily about the real reason he’s avoiding going to Australia. Lily and Cane are unaware that there is someone watching them. 

Owen shows up at the mansion with a search warrant and informs Nina that their investigating Chance’s involvement in the drug ring. Christine arrives and although Paul doesn’t want to see her, Phillip embraces her. Nina and Jill are crushed and furious as they watch the police rip through Chance’s things. Heather informs Nina, Paul and Phillip that she was reinstated and that she asked to prosecute Ronan herself. Owen informs them that he may have found a link to Ronan and Chance. 

Abby panics thinking about what Victor will do to her after sending Victoria to jail just for daring to get married. Victor tries to get Abby’s trust dismantled. Victor is stunned when his banker informs him that Vance has an injunction barring Victor from dismantling Abby’s trust. Meanwhile, Abby informs Jack that she wants out of the lawsuit.

Victor promises Victoria that he will make the charges go away as long as she agrees to end her marriage to Billy. Victor shows Victoria information on Billy’s past. Victoria announces that Victor no longer welcome in her or her children’s lives. Jill confronts Victor and tries to convince him not to push Victoria away. When she leaves, Victor makes a call and takes responsibility for the bribe. Later, Victoria and Billy happily get their wedding band tattoos.

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