Recap The Young & The Restless: Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tucker informs Neil and Sofia that he has a project in New Orleans that he would like them to work on together. Malcolm stands up for Sofia when he finds Neil arguing with her. Alone, Sofia asks Malcolm to let her fight her own battles. Sofia tries to find a way to stop fighting with Neil. 

At Chance’s wake, Billy and Victoria are touched when Jill welcomes Victoria to the family graciously. Chloe sees Delia with Billy and Victoria and snatches Delia out of Billy’s arms. Kevin tries to get Chloe to calm down, but he can see she’s going to beak down. Victoria and Billy are both surprised when Tucker offers Victoria a job with him a McCall Industries. As everyone toasts to Chance, Kay is struck by a dizzy spell and everyone hovers around her concerned.

Victor informs Nikki he confessed to bribing the official in hopes to reunite their family. Meanwhile, Meggie continues to try and spike Nikki’s drinks. Abby informs Jack that she can’t go up against Victor without a guarantee they’ll win. Victor tries to talk to Victoria, but she says it’s too late. Abby informs Victor that she dropped the lawsuit and she hopes that they can work it out between them. Jack informs Tucker that they lost Abby in their fight for Beauty of Nature. Later, Nikki nearly takes a drink, but instead asks Meggie for more iced tea, unaware that the iced tea is spiked anyway.

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