Recap The Young & The Restless: Thursday, September 16, 2010

On the day of Chance’s funeral, everyone’s emotions are running high. Chloe attacks Heather and Paul and Kay step in to break up the fight. Phillip, Kay and Jill give touching eulogies as they reminisce about Chance. Sgt. Goldman presents Nina with Chance’s American flag and Chance is given the proper Military service. 

Nina is horrified when Christine comes to the funeral with Ronan. As everyone starts attacking Christine for bringing Ronan, Ronan flashes his F.B.I. badge. He orders the other F.B.I. agents to arrest Owen and Meeks. Nina is furious with Christine for turning her son’s funeral into a circus. Christine explains that this is what Chance wanted. Later, Kay suddenly collapses at the mansion when Tucker is asking her about her health.

Ashley learns that Abby dropped the lawsuit against Victor. Jack tries to make Abby see that she needs to take what is hers.

At the Chancellor estate, Neil assures Tucker that his feelings toward Sofia will not interfere with business again.

Nikki asks Victoria to try and reach out to Victor, but Victoria refuses. When Nikki leaves, Jack asks Victoria if she has made any decisions about Tucker’s job offer with Jabot.

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