Recap The Young & The Restless: Friday, September 17, 2010

At the hospital, Murphy and Nikki are relieved when Kay wakes up and is seemingly her old self. Murphy refuses to let Tucker in to see her because he believes Tucker was arguing with her before she collapsed. Nikki reveals to a sleeping Kay that she is struggling with her sobriety. Jill and Brock arrive and Jill is shaken to the core after everything she has lost recently. 

Kay asks for some time alone with Murphy and when they finally get it she informs them they need to put her affairs in order, just in case. Kay asks Murphy to make sure that if it ever came down to it, he would never leave her on machines to prolong her life. Brock informs Tucker that he isn’t going to see Kay. Tucker doesn’t like the idea of being left out in the cold. Later, Kay’s doctor informs her that she can go home. She merely collapsed from dehydration and exhaustion.

When Nikki arrives home she goes straight to the liquor cabinet and takes a drink.

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