HUMAN TARGET “Dead Head” Review

Human Target Season 2 Episode 5 - Dead Head

Everyone on Chance’s team has their secrets, including Chance’s original partner, Winston. So it was nice that tonight we got a little background on Winston when an old foe shows up. The theme of the episode seemed to be second chances as Winston got a second chance to take down the man, a guy who ruined his life 8 years earlier. Not only did Winston get thrown off the police force, but we found out that it destroyed his marriage.

Finding out that Winston was once married wasn’t a huge shock. After all, he’s a nice guy and I could totally see him falling in love and settling down. What was more of a shock was the fact that he never told Chance about it. I always thought those two told each other everything, but I guess this was something that was too painful for Winston to share, even with his best friend.

As for his wife, we didn’t get to see much of her in this episode but I liked her. I liked that, even after all they’d been through, she didn’t yell and scream when Winston showed up at her door and needed help Heck, she even covered for him and Chance so they could get away. That alone made me dig her and I’m wondering if we might see her character again at some point.

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