Survivor 21.14 "This is Going to Hurt" Recap

 Survivor 21.14 This is Going to Hurt Recap

The episode begins with Libertad returning to camp.  Sash pulls Fabio aside and tells him that Benry was gunning for him, and there wasn't enough time to tell Fabio about it.  Fabio tells replies that he trusts Sash.  In a confessional, Sash says that Fabio is just happy to still be there.  Sash is in control of the game, and if Fabio doesn't win the next Immunity Challenge, he's the next to go.  For his part, Fabio confides to the camera that he's aware that the everyone thinks he's gullible, but that's fine.  He's on alert and watching everyone.  When he is able to eliminate the rest of the players, they'll say, "What?  I didn't know Fabio was that smart!"

The next morning, Day 33, the tribe receives Tree Mail in the form of a Sprint Evo cell phone (you know what that means.... Blatant Product Placement!).  The message on the phone tells the players to watch the videos on the phone.  Of course, the videos are of each player's Loved Ones.  Each player watches their video and cries.  Chase tells the camera how amazing it is that "something as simple as a Sprint cell phone (BPP!) can bring you to tears."  He also points out that the videos remind him that he's playing the game with real people, and not just opponents.  Fabio says that he just wants to see his family.  He then pulls Chase aside to ask who Chase would take on the next Reward if he wins.  Chase swears he will take Fabio and Sash.  Fabio swears in kind.  Their vow will be put to the test after the...

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