Stewart Digs Up Footage of Paul Rudd's 'Daily' Visit in 1999 (VIDEO)

Paul Rudd, Jon Stewart in 1999 'Daily' Episode

Paul Rudd was Jon Stewart's first test guest when Stewart began hosting 'The Daily Show' (weeknights, 11PM ET on COM) back in January 1999. He showed Rudd a brief clip of the exchange they had nearly 12 years ago.

Rudd hadn't shaved; Stewart sported longer, shaggier hair that almost looked teased. And his suit-coat sleeves were way too long. "You look older in that clip. How is that possible?" remarked Stewart. "You look a little bit like Ducky from 'Pretty in Pink.'" said Rudd.

Stewart divulged that the suit belonged to Craig Kilborn, his 'Daily' predecessor. "It was incentive for me -- like, 'He'll get bigger if we put him in this.'"

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