Criminal Minds 6.11 "25 to Life" Review

Every week on Criminal Minds, there's an unsub out there who needs to be brought to justice. This week had a different kind of justice: justice for someone already in jail for murder. One of the members of the BAU finds his career on the line after his recommendation to the parole board that an inmate be set free has immediate and deadly results.

 Criminal Minds 6.11 25 to Life ReviewSSA Morgan visits Don Sanderson - convicted of murdering his wife and daughter - in prison to analyze just how far he's come. All reports say that he's been a model citizen while behind bars; he's even helped dozens of other inmates get their GEDs. A short 51 hours after his release, it appears he's committed another murder. He claims this act was in self-defense and that the man he killed was the only one who could lead him to the three people who actually murdered his wife and daughter. Morgan's career - and the credibility of the BAU - are both at stake, and in order to exonerate Sanderson and save their good name they need to find those three people.

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