Recap: 'Survivor: Nicaragua' - 'This Is Going to Hurt'

There are only two remaining episodes of "Survivor: Nicaragua" and it feels as if we still have a lot of contestants remaining. Or maybe it's just my feeling that if Dan is still in the game, it ought to be very, very, very early in the season.
No? Hmmm...

Pre-credit sequence. The Libertad Six return to camp after voting Benry out. Sash immediately pulls Fabio aside and tells him that Benry had been targeting him. Sash is pleased that Fabio knows he's in charge, but cackles that as long as Fabio doesn't win Immunity next, he's going out. But Fabio has other ideas. Or he wants us to believe he does. "I think they believe I'm more gullible and naive than I am," Fabio tells us. He's hoping to astound his fellow castaways with his stealthy wisdom, but he may only have 57 more minutes to astound viewers. Think fast, Fabio!


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