"In Treatment" recap: Frances reads her test results

Tonight there are no glimpses into Paul's life. I'm not sure why this is. Maybe so that we can start the Adele session on the same sexually charged note it ended last week? Or maybe because Paul's problems will seem pretty inconsequential next to Sunil who is going increasingly mad with grief.

Sunil is in the waiting room fiddling with a radio, trying to get BBC International for news about a monsoon that has been raging for days in the village where his parents were raised. He complains to Paul about the impossibility of getting news in basketball-obsessed New York. It amazes me that a fiftyish math professor from Calcutta would not know about this thing called the Internet, but the show seems set on creating this very ambiguous, anachronistic character with vaguely rural roots who is obviously deeply depressed, suffering from culture shock, and genuine despair over a terrible disaster that may be killing aunts, uncles and cousins -- but may also be plotting, by implication, some kind of honor killing.

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