"In Treatment" recap: Paul gives up on parenting

As I suspected, Paul's casual discussion of Max in his therapy session with Jesse a couple of weeks ago has had unfortunate consequences. It's encouraged Jesse to feel like part of the family, which may be why he feels entitled to impulsively show up at Paul's apartment at 10:30 p.m. while Paul and Max are making pancakes.

Granted, Jesse's going through a traumatic crisis. Almost as impulsively, he decided to visit his birth parents in Westchester on the same day. Because he showed up, unseen, outside their house a few hours before the agreed on time, he learns (unknown to Kevin and Karen) that they have at least one other child, a boy in a wheelchair. Devastated, he decides to go off and "get a milkshake," which turns out, after further elaboration, to mean get stoned. By the time he returns, Kevin and Karen have clearly worked to disguise all evidence of children. 

As Jesse suspected last week, they are "kinda assholes." Although this may be somewhat genetic, since Jesse then proceeds to offer them blood, or organs, or whatever it is he suspects they might want for their "sickly child," in exchange for tuition to art school. This is when, according to Jesse, they "kicked him out."

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