"In Treatment" recap: Have Sunil's sessions come to an end?

Paul is surprised to see Julia in the waiting room. "You obviously weren't expecting to see the wicked, insensitive daughter-in-law," she says bitterly. Paul notices she has a bandage on her arm. This, says Julia, is from an argument in which Sunil pushed her, she lost her balance and fell into a bookshelf that had a loose nail in it. When Paul asks how the argument began Julia refuses to answer.  

She informs him that she's ending Sunil's treatment. It's obviously not working, and she thinks it would just be better for Arun, the osteopath, to subdue him with something stronger than Effexor. Obviously she is unaware of what this might do to the plant Sunil's been dumping it in. She gives Paul a check for this session, and an extra one as courtesy pay. Paul tries to talk her out of this decision, but when he refuses to tell her what Sunil's been saying about her, she gets angry. When he offers to give her a referral so that she can deal with her "issues" she leaves, accusing him of being under Sunil's "spell." Interesting. Are there other people under "his spell?" Like, Julia? Before she leaves, she mention something about him being "an attractive man." She wonders why he hasn't moved on. Uh, maybe because you're keeping him on a $25 allowance? 

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