"In Treatment" finale recap: Jesse calls it quits


A therapist once said to me that people come to therapy mostly just looking for a new reason to blame their parents. Once they've found it they usually quit. The real work of therapy only starts then when you discover that holding your parents responsible for your problems really doesn't solve as much as you thought it would. Jesse's decision to quit therapy now that he's had a self-serving "epiphany" is tragic, but normal.

??Jesse has shown up to his final session with Roberto, who looks nothing like how I imagined him. My fantasy Roberto was a taciturn young De Niro type who would go perfectly with Jesse's young DiCaprio vibe. Now that I've met the real Roberto and seen his uncanny resemblance to proto-reality celebrity Joey Buttafuoco, I'm not so sure his influence on Jesse is going to be a great one. Roberto is a pleasant enough guy whom Jesse seems kind of scared of and who gets through life with an easy going "us and them" mentality. He has choice words about Karen, Jesse's wealthy birth mother, for "sticking her nose job" into Jesse's life. 

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