Recap: 'Saturday Night Live' - Jeff Bridges with Eminem and Lil Wayne

So this is the Christmas episode of "Saturday Night Live." And what have you done, "SNL"? You’ve brought together Jeff Bridges and Eminem for your final comedic jaunt of 2010. The Dude and The Real Slim Shady: like chocolate and peanut butter, but with more facial hair and anger issues. Vegas places 3:1 odds on "Lazer Catz" meeting "Tron" during tonight’s episode, and me liking the result at about 50:1.

Will Bridges redeem a rather tepid Fall for the show? Only one way to find out. As always, what follows below are my insta-reactions to each sketch as they happen. Like "SNL" and Bill O’Reilly, WE’RE DOING IT LIVE! Onto the recap after the break...


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Dec 22, 2010 2:08AM EST

Are you kidding? Has the bar been set so low (by episodes as lame as the De Niro disaster) that now grading on a curve pulls even this episode above an F-??? Uh, this site is a great place to go back for an SNL refresher to help those reviewers who have lost their way. At first I rated this episode as one of the ten worst ever in the shows history until I realized that this was officially their 2010 Christmas episode which automatically qualifies it as the No. 1 worst episode EVER. So bad in fact, that the Tue. night rehash of the skits of Christmas past (sans any xmas skits in recent history) will garner far higher ratings than this tripe. The cast have proven themselves qualified in the past so Lauren had better turn out the writing staff and hook some serious talent real soon or NBC is going to suddenly find themselves looking back from the far side of the shark jump.
Reply if your with me brothers and sisters.

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