Review: 'Little Fockers' drives the Stiller/De Niro franchise into the ground

Boy, I'm glad I waited to write my top ten list until I'd seen this one.  Can you imagine how embarrassed I would have been having to change it?Oh, wait, I mean worst of list.  That's right.

Wow.  "Little Fockers" is just discouraging.  I would imagine there is no one involved who feels genuinely good about the outcome.  It's so dead, so calculated, so forced.  It is a startlingly gross and dirty film considering it is ostensibly about the kids this time around, and it is a PG-13.  Doesn't matter.  They didn't make this for families at all.  Or if they did, they made it for families who already hate each other and don't mind inflicting pain on one another in a movie theater.


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