The Real Housewives of Atlanta 3.12 "Not So Fine Print" Review

So Phaedra went for the throat tonight on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but Kim was not the dumb blonde Phaedra presumed her to be.

While Cynthia was prepping her "dinosaur wedding" (you have to love that woman) and Sheree was off buying her eldest daughter $7400 worth of furniture, Phaedra was plotting up coming at Kim the first chance she got for talking about Apollo and her unborn baby. Kandi arrived at Phaedra's house to check up on her, and Phaedra couldn't let Dwight's inaccurate gossip lay to rest. Is it just me or was Phaedra a little too rough on her verbal beatdown on Kim in that scene, especially with Phaedra being a "Christian, southern belle" and all. Phaedra did have some good zingers, namely the whole 'my baby doesn't need a wig' bit, but it didn't help her case to come at Kim the way she did. However, practice didn't make perfect when Phaedra finally faced Kim. Despite thinking she won the battle by being a "crazy black woman," logic dictated smack in that debate and Phaedra clearly lost. Let's list how Kim pretty much ran circles around Phaedra's "crazy black woman" comeback:


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