Survivor 21.15 "What About Me?" Finale Recap

This season's finale begins with reviews of the Final Five's journeys through the first thirty-six days.  After the title sequence, on Day 37, Fabio confesses that it is in his interest to break up Chase, Holly and Sash.  Dan and Fabio agree that Holly should go next.  Fabio asks Holly if she''d rather go to the Final Three with him instead of Chase. Unsurprisingly, she doesn't answer.  Fabio says that he needs to win Immunity to stay in the game.

Sash confides to the camera that he recognizes the threat of Fabio going on an Immunity run.  So, he finds Fabio and tells him that he wants to go the Final Three with him.  Sash confesses that he has to promise everything to everyone to make sure he is safe.  Sash then goes to Chase and tells him to watch out for Fabio and make sure he doesn't win the next...

...Immunity Challenge.  For this Challenge, the players will race out to a station and find a question about Nicaragua with five answer choices.  The player will select an answer and grab a bag associated with that answer.  If the answer is right, there will be puzzle pieces in the bag when the player brings the bag back to the start.  If the answer is wrong, the bag will contain all-black puzzle pieces.  After they answer all three questions correctly, the pieces will be used to assemble a puzzle.  The first player to assemble the puzzle wins Immunity.


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