THE BIG BANG THEORY “The Justice League Recombination” Review

The Big Bang Theory Season 4 Episode 11 - The Justice League Recombination

Penny is back in a relationship with Zack, he of The Lunar Excitation and last week’s The Alien Parasite Hypothesis. This isn’t great news for Leonard, but it gets worse; the guys want to enter the comic book shop’s annual costume party contest as the Justice League – again – and decide Zack should replace Leonard as Superman. So he takes on the role of the Green Lantern, leaving an unimpressed Raj as an ‘Indian Aquaman’. This sounds like a recipe for disaster, but it actually goes well and they win the contest.

This episode had one main plotline. There were no detours to see the gals hang out and paint their nails, no splitting the guys up to deal with different issues, just one plotline with everyone involved. It was a simple concept, but it worked brilliantly. 

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