The City Season 2 Episode 12 "Season Finale" Review

[Image:[]] Tonight's season finale had "Everything on the Line" literally. And what I mean by that is after a not so hot season, I was sincerely hoping that they would redeem themselves on this finale. The City is a sister show to The Hills yet it doesn't seem to come even close in caliber. I personally enjoyed season one a whole lot more.

At least in season one there was more relationship drama which viewers tend to really enjoy and endulge in. The cat fights don't get old but I was hoping for more out of tonight's episode. Whitney decided to put her career on the line as she tries to pursue other career alternatives, and even gave the heads up to her high strung war path boss.

While Erin Kaplan told her boss at Elle that it's gonna be her or Olivia Palermo. Olivia travels to Japan and I don't know what it is about this girl that we love to hate but the annoying meter was shooting through the roof. Her facial expression drives me crazy!

Roxy made it clear tonight that she thinks Whitney is changing for the worse. Maybe a little New York Attitude is shining into the LA sunshine girl? But all in all nothing really to brag about tonight. Don't know if there will be a third season. News in the media, states that Stephanie Pratt might join The City. Guess the producers are thinking the show just made need some more help.


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