'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' recap: Medium in the Middle

Camille is a generous soul who doesn't like to hold a grudge. Or rather, she is so convinced of her righteous triumph over an evil Kyle at their last New York dinner gathering, that she wants another shot at the high road. So she arranged a dinner party for all the Housewives with promises of fresh pizza. Sold! Every now and then Nice Camille comes out, and she was actually rather sweet on the phone inviting Kyle. Sure, she could bring her friend. No problem. Girls' night, hooray! But as soon as Camille mentioned to Taylor the importance of her medium friend not hitting the sauce too hard, I knew we were in for the most delicious kind of trouble.

Kyle assured her good friend Faye—yes that Faye, perhaps like Camille you never forget a face?—that Camille actually could be kind of likable and maybe their New York brouhaha was just a fluke. Cut to Camille subtly trashing Kyle while clinking glasses with her buddies—"one was her best friend and one was her sidekick, I mean psychic," deadpanned Lisa.

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