Burn Notice: "Out of the Fire/Last Stand" Review

Wow. Now that was some excellent Burn. If "Out of the Fire" and "Last Stand" were what this show was all the time, I'd be a much bigger fan. I've had an interesting relationship with this show over the years. Back in Season 1 (I started reviewing it for IGN in Season 2), it blew me away. Not only did it have the ultimate in geek-bait, Bruce Campbell, but it had a fun, glossy, snarky take on the super-spook genre. Oh, and it had real cars blowing up (no CGI garbage).

After the Season 1 finale though, with Michael driving up into the back of that 16-wheeler, the show slowed down and found its niche as a somewhat repetitive procedural. Sure, the over-arching story was in place, but it barely, rarely budged. Michael just wound up meeting mini-boss after mini-boss, and the show seemed like it was stuck in a holding pattern. Tricia Helfer's Carla didn't impress me (although Tricia herself does) and it just seemed like the show was afraid to upset the status-quo too much.

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