Recap Days of Our Lives: 09/23/2010

Kate fantasizes about poisoning Stefano before pouring Stefano a drink. Stefano tells her he's decided Will did not shoot EJ, and takes a drink. He accuses Kate on wanting to poison him but she hasn't. Kate points out Stefano would have hurt Will if he thought he tried to kill EJ. Stefano and Kate realize that as much as they love one another, they can never trust each other. Stefano reveals that DNA evidence came up on the gun drawer for everyone who lived in the house (including Sami's) but not for Will. Which means he never touched the drawer that held the gun. Stefano now thinks Sami was the shooter. Kate mentions Sami has an alibi, but Stefano isn't so sure. Not anymore... 

Kayla makes a surprise visit to Stephanie. Nathan leaves for the hospital as Stephanie assures Kayla all is well and Adrienne overreacted. Kayla seems to be reassured, but privately realizes something is wrong with Stephanie. Meanwhile, Daniel stitches up Ian who was in an accident. Ian realizes this is the Daniel who Stephanie thinks might have switched Chloe's paternity test. When he realizes Daniel left his pda behind, he starts to go through it when Nathan enters. Ian hands the pda back to a returning Daniel, who advises him not to come between Stephanie and Nathan. 

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