Recap Days of Our Lives: 09/24/2010

Stefano visits EJ and tells him he must wake up and finger Sami for trying to kill him. Will tells Sami that EJ briefly woke and said her name. Rafe is direct with Sami about his suspicion of Will. Unwilling to let Will take the rap for her, Sami is about to confess when Rafe gets called away. Meanwhile, Kate tells Will that Stefano no longer suspects him. She then tells Sami the same. Sami is tremendously relieved and, deciding not to confess, tells Rafe everything is going to be okay. At the same time, Stefano tells Kate he doesn't understand what might've driven Sami over to the house to put a bullet in EJ. Kate contemplates coming clean with Stefano but, realizing he will never forgive her, ultimately she keeps her counsel. Arianna visits EJ again and he opens his eyes and asks where Sami is.
Nicole nearly ruins Chloe's baby shower with her untimely blurt, but Chloe and Carly ably cover, and the fun continues. Nicole is eventually escorted out by Melanie to sleep off her liquor. When Nicole wakes, she's alone with Chloe, who blasts her. Nicole is sorry, and swears she won't breathe a word to anyone. Chloe tells Nicole that Carly's a better friend to her than she is. Meanwhile, Daniel is grateful to Melanie and Carly for their support and the successful baby shower. Alone, Carly murmurs to herself that they can never find out what she's done. 

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