MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE “Cold Calls” Review

All the boys navigate choppy waters as Joe finds himself trying to date two women while Owen chafes under his daddy’s too-watchful eye and Terry bets Marcus he can sell more cars in the "Cold Calls" episode of MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE.

"In what world are you dating two women?" Hee. Well, of all the ways Joe could screw up dating two women (and they are legion), of course he pulls a Goldilocks: Michelle is too sexual and too much fun while Bonnie is too potentially serious. That he then clumsily uses Terry’s slick line makes perfect sense, since he has no idea what he wants. I love how realistically Joe’s storyline is playing out (with the possible Hollywood exception of two smart, beautiful women simultaneously wanting to sleep with him). He truly is struggling with figuring out both himself and his post-divorce, post-gambling life, but it isn’t too broody or maudlin. His mental bets and wanting to punch a bird when he loses and the way he perks up at the mention of Terry’s ill-advised bet are too funny while still serving as reminders that all is not well in Joe-land.

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