Perfect Couples: "Perfect Tens" Review

NBC's had a tough time of late, due to a series of questionable decisions and sub-par programming. Unfortunately, they continued their string of missed calls when they wasted a perfect lead-in from the finale of The Sing-Off (one of their biggest hits in years) to preview the lifeless, cliched Perfect Couples a few weeks before its actual premiere date. It's one of those annoying sitcoms that feels droll observations are an acceptable substitute for actual jokes. They're not. If there's a silver lining in all of this, it's that NBC now has plenty of time to figure out which of its current shows it'll rerun in Perfect Couples' slot in a few months.

The most surprising thing about such a lackluster show is its rock-solid pedigree. The two co-creators, Scot Silveri and Jon Pollack, came from Friends, director Andy Ackerman came from Seinfeld, co-producers Tad Quill and David Walpert came from Scrubs and Will & Grace, respectively, and the writer of this episode, Barbie Adler, came from Arrested Development. That's some serious talent sitting around the table. The common thread among those shows (besides being funny, obviously) is that their ensemble casts were filled with well thought-out characters with unique voices. From what I saw in "Perfect Tens", the cast are all rich, pretty, mostly white yuppies with champagne problems. The most egregious error is that two of them are real estate agents who apparently haven't read a housing market report in a decade. The whole thing felt very lazy. "Perfect Tens" was not the worst sitcom episode ever -- we could debate that topic at IGN until our eyes bled -- but with all that talent in the room, somebody should've known that this show needed help.

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