Brothers & Sisters Season 4 Episode 19 "Time After Time Part 2" Review

The last part of this special two hour Brothers & Sisters episode was more on a happy note rather then a dramatic one. It is clear that Kevin is going to need sometime to heal, but he will definately will come around. It is what makes this show so wonderful, how a large family can come together in times of tribulations.

The family celebrated Justin and Rebecca's kwicky marriage with a nice dinner at the old Ojai place and Nora and Holly were arrested for grand theft auto! It was a humous and joyous addition to this event. We also got the good news of Kitty's recent doctor's appointment, announcing her Cancer-free!

At the end we see the family trying to solve their father's riddle about Narrow Lake. And it looks like they are closing in! I can not wait till next Sunday to see what comes of this and the drama that will happen. I may be wrong but does anyone else think that after Kevin left the boy, their father did more damage because he had seen what happened between the two boys? That would make for one great episode!


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