Big Brother Season 12 Episode 13 "Elimination Night" Review

Well the bomb has dropped on just the type of person Kristen really is outside this house. And watching tonight's episode any sympathy I had towards her was thrown out the window. The viewers got a chance to see each of Hayden and Kristen's support team back in their hometowns.

Hayden's mom made it pretty clear she doesn't like Kristen and doesn't like her intentions. And at first I thought that might be a little harsh but then we saw her video. And it looks like Kristen has a boyfriend back home. Well HAD may be more like it. The poor guy expressed his disgust at what she has been doing. I guess she lost the show and lost her love.

So that's right, even after tons of scheming to get the floaters to break away from the pack, Kristen was sent packing with only Kathy's vote to save her. And it looks like Rachel wants to add Britney to her and Brendon's alliance. Rachel's goodbye video to Kristen was humourous and somewhat pathetic. She told her never to talk to "her man" behind her back. Oh my...but the dissappointment for me tonight would be we didn't get to find out who won the next HOH. Another endurance competition that will leave us wondering all weekend.

The sabatouer is Reagan and the next HOH gets the option of a special power. I wonder who will win!


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