Recap All My Children: Fri, October 01, 2010

Christopher Polk/Getty Images for DATG

JR tells Asher he has the best custody lawyer in town and will not lose his son. Caleb tells JR he is going to take Marissa's case - and just as JR took his company away from him, Caleb will take JR's son away from him. Marissa warns Asher to stay away from her son. AJ admits to Marissa that he was made fun of at school by a little boy who said that everyone in the Chandler mansion gets divorced. Marissa reassures him they will get through this divorce with little fighting. Unfortunately, she doesn't control her anger too well when she later encounters Annie and the two fight. AJ catches Marissa and Annie arguing and is unsettled by it. Scott's called away on business to Europe, which upset Annie. Caleb questions Scott on whether he's concerned Annie will be home alone with JR. Scott says he trusts Annie completely.

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