Recap All My Children: Thu, October 07, 2010

After Scott catches Annie in bed with JR, she begs for his forgiveness. Scott doesn't want to hear anything Annie has to stay and wants her out of the house. Scott removes his wedding ring and tosses it into the garbage. Marissa has shown up looking for one of AJ's toys and hears arguing. JR refuses to allow her upstairs but it's too late - Marissa figures out that JR and Annie slept together. Marissa points out that she doesn't need to try and make him look like a bad parent, he's doing it all on his own. Later, Marissa tells Caleb that perhaps they can use the JR/Annie affair to their advantage in the custody suit. Meanwhile, Scott and JR clash. Scott accuses JR of being jealous beacuse Adam left HIM the company, not JR, while JR just taunts Scott that he can take whatever he wants whenever he wants it. Annie breaks down to Amanda that she feels like a jerk for sleeping with JR, because she really loves Scott.

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