Dancing with the Stars Season 10 Episode 8 "Movie Night" Review

Well tonight was a great theme night on Dancing with the Stars as the contestants danced to theme songs from popular movies. And the most entertaining part of it was once again, no surprise here, Kate Gosselin. I don't even know where to begin with this one, besides stating that I have never seen anyone seem to put so little effort into such a great opportunity.

This show is popular and any star or celeb should be happy that they are even offered the chance to dance on this show. The ratings and viewers are huge! And Kate is no A list celebrity. Her partner even said he was getting frustrated since she showed such a lack of motivation. I guess if she were voted off it would make the show less interesting to watch. You have to admit that controversy has a way of pulling people in.

The other dances tonight however were all very entertaining and well executed. The songs chosen were great including songs from Armageddon, Breakfast Club, LaBamba, and Risky Business. Jake put a solid effort in and it wasn't a surprise that Pamela Anderson had 9 to 5 a classic Dolly Parton hit. It would be safe to say that I think this may be the week we can say goodbye to Kate. Guess we will have to see.


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