Big Brother 12 Episode 12 "HOH Competition" Review

Tonight on Big Brother 12 we got to learn just who won the HOH competition and who they nominated. The episode started with where we left off of with all the contestants competing in an endurance competition on surf boards. All of them were competing except for last week's HOH winner, Rachael. The first five contestants that fell off the surf boards got to be the Have's for the week.

Rachael was hoping that Matt would be the one to fall, he was the only one that she didn't feel safe with. Reagan did an outstanding job and you had to feel proud for him making it to the final two. Matt and him held strong for over two grueling hours. But in the end Matt won HOH.

The Brigade got together and wanted Matt to nominate Rachael and Brendon but Matt being the certified genius had a plan all on his own and his nominations definitely came out of left field. Who did he nominate? Andrew and Kathy. The reasons? Kathy was the second vote that tried to get him out last week and Matt felt that Andrew had been gunning for him at the beginning. Is this a scheme to backdoor someone else? Regardless I think his nominations even surprised his alliance. The Brigade also is starting to become aware of Hayden and Kristen's closeness. But they think that they might be the long term friends in the house. Lane thought they might even be cousins. It would be a great shock to them to find out they are having the most secretive showmance in Big Brother history. Wednesday night is the POV competition. Will Andrew or Kathy win? Guess we will have to find out.


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