The Good Wife Review: "Nine Hours"

The Good Wife gave fans an early Christmas present this week: one of the best episodes in the show's history, if not on television this year in general.

Everything about "Nine Hours" spoke to what makes this drama so compelling, from small character developments, to cultural references to its ability to immediately draw viewers in with a suspenseful case.

Indeed, before the opening credits even rolled, I was hooked on the race against time to save that death row inmate's life. I was also craving french toast.

Vital Phone Call

What made the installment so impressive was how it juggled so many people, in so many locales, at such a rapid-fire pace. I certainly can't recall any other series basing an hour around so many phone calls, but each felt more tense than the previous one.

While most of "Nine Hours" was dedicated to the firm's pressing legal case, the episode still touched on a couple of personal issues.

Alicia mentioned to Will that it would be nice to chat at some point (after the episode kicked off with her dreaming of the two of them doing everything except chatting), Grace embraced prayer, Peter cursed off a reporter and Zach ogled Kalinda.

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