True Blood Season 3 Episode 6 "I Got A Right to Sing the Blues" Review

Well True Blood has hit an all new level of bloody on tonight's all new episode. And I must say it has definitely surpassed even True Blood's standards for gore! It was definitely refreshing seeing these turn of events from the blubbering we have seen in the previous episodes this season.

The best blood scene tonight would be from our beloved Tara. As she tells Frankin, "You don't have to tell me twice" right before biting into his neck. But the question we are left with now is, is Franklin dead? And we might have a new couple in our midst when Alcide comes to Tara's rescue. Guess we will have to find out.

More trouble in paradise tonight, as Bill and Sookie go to visit the King of Mississippi and decides that Bill is not to be trusted. He has him sent to the basement for Lorena to kill him. More gore! Bill is almost dead but manages to whisper Sookie's name. When Lorena yells at Sookie and bites her neck.

And on top of it all even more trouble in paradise when there is a date with Jason and Crystal and Jesus and Lafayette. Jason smells Crystal and decides she may not be human but Werewolf and she gets up and leaves because it would be too dangerous. On the Jesus dream date he doesn't take to lightly to discovering she is a drug dealer.

Regardless tonight's episode was a definite change of pace. The previews for tonight did state that there was going to be a lot of relationship drama and they didn't lie. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am begging for more!


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