The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 1.10 "Payback's A Bitch... Just Ask Your Husband" Review

Were you all expecting an even bigger aftermath to last week's dinner bloodbath on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Well in terms of drama, we weren't disappointed. But could we really have been able to live through another shouting match between Camille and Kyle? Who am I kidding, of course we would.

Start of a Beautiful Frenemy Relationship?

After discussing the events of the dinner party with Mauricio, Kyle was shocked and dismayed when Camille sends her a text stating that Mauricio's services as their realtor will be no longer required. The truly warped aspect of that move? Camille acted as if it was the most logical thing to do, with no apologies. Seriously, Camille? Kyle was very distraught about the whole ordeal, but Mauricio kind of took it in shocked stride and was more worried about maintaining his clients. That doesn't mean he didn't think Camille's was childish, because it was.

After talking with Lisa, Kyle decided to take the high road (which Camille claims she did herself) and tried to patch things up with Camille at Taylor's Roaring 20s party. However, as Lisa put it, that battle isn't over with by a long shot and I still didn't hear if Camille rehired Mauricio as her realtor. The more stupid actions Camille takes, the more it's going to be hard to sympathize with her when Kelsey leaves her ass hanging in a couple of episodes. Seriously, Camille needs to be reminded that she's the cause of all the squabbles between the ladies. Do I need to do another list? I think I do.


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