MAD MEN ''Blowing Smoke'' Review Season 4, Episode 12

The meeting with Heinz that Faye set up for Don Draper does not go as planned. Although the exec likes Don and thinks that he can give him ideas more like what he wants, unlike his current agency, he is not willing to transfer his business over to SCDP for at least 6 months. Don, in an act of desperation, offers to cut commissions. However, the exec is not persuaded as he tells Don that he is not sure SCDP will be around in 6 months. Even though Don strongly voices his opinion that it will, the Heinz exec is just stating what everyone else thinks is true. Later when Phillip Morris agrees to meet with SCDP to go over a new campaign for a cigarette designed specifically for women, the same sentiment is voiced. This time Phillip Morris doesnâ??t even bother to show up and the partners learn that the Phillip Morris execs never really intended to leave their current agency. That does not lessen the sting of rejection for SCDP, Don or the other partners. Roger, the man who has no contacts and no way of drumming up business, says they should go after something as big as they had. Perhaps that is true, but right now they are struggling to hold on to their smaller accounts and struggling to even garner an audience for any account. Sterling Cooper Draper and Pryce is in trouble.

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