Family Guy: It's a Trap! Review

 Family Guy: Its a Trap! ReviewIt’s tough to make a parody out of what was probably the least loved Star Wars movie (before the prequels came along, of course).  While I enjoyed Return of the Jedi, I didn’t find it as enjoyable as A New Hope or Empire Strikes Back.  ButFamily Guy had already remade the two previous Star Warsmovies in their own image and so it’s not surprising that they tackled the last one.

Here’s the thing about It’s a Trap!: it’s amusing.  It’s amusing because most of Family Guy is amusing.  Yes, there are fart jokes and they usually draw some jokes out (like yet another random appearance by Conway Twitty that doesn’t make sense), but I never hate Family Guy because I can always find things to laugh at in any episode.  So yes, there are amusing things about It’s a Trap!, including a running gag about Seth Green, acknowledgement about the hairdressing skills of the ewoks and Yoda’s death scene.  Also, anything involving Stewie as Darth Vadar is actually pretty funny, as is Lois’ father imitating the Emperor and his ridiculous line "oh, I’m afraid the shield generator will be quite operational when your friends arrive", because, seriously, that was kind of a ridiculous delivery the first time around.

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