Desperate Housewives Season 6 Episode 14 "The Glamourous Life"

You got to love Desperate Housewives, something is always happening on Wysteria Lane. This episode isn't one of those cliff hanger episodes; however, it was definately humourous and eventful none the less.

Lynette and her husband are still seeing the therapist, and after a night at the theatre, Lynette starts to question the real effects of their therapy. At their last session Tom finally sticks up for Lynette by putting down the therapist. You got to love their relationship.

After Gaby and Carlos catch the newer housewives son have sexual relationships with Carlos' niece in their own home, Carlos gets too aggressive by pushing him up against the wall. Witnessed only by ex star of Sopranos herself, she threatens to kill Carlos if he ever touches her son again! The next day, Carlos and Gaby overhear the two arguing about their secret! Can't wait for that to blow up!

And of course Susan takes in a stripper that is trying to get out of the stripper scene. Like I said earlier, not an overly eventful night with twists and turns, but I'm sure there will be plenty of those to come.


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