One Tree Hill Season 1 Episode 22 "The Game That Plays Us"

WOW! Now this is what season finales are all about!!!! I am an absolute fan of this show, and honestly believe that there are no other shows even close to this caliber. Makes me feel like I am right back in high school, but its great to be able to watch from the side lines.

Who would have thought Deb and Keith! Well that is something that came right out of left field. Kind of disappointing because I think that we all are rooting for him to be with Karen. Even though it's hard not to be frustrated at her for not taking all the opportunities she has had to accept Keith as more than just friends.

Dan coaches the boys basketball team and wow what a hard ass, but then again it is Dan and he is great on this show.

I am not a huge basketball fan but this show makes me sit on the edge of my seat wanting more. You hold your breath at each shot and watch impatiently as the clock ticks down. That's what makes this show great! Can't wait to see the premiere in season 2.


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