Recap The Young and The Restless: Monday, September 20, 2010

Kay returns home and Chloe apologizes to adding to her stress. Victor notices something off with Nikki, but she informs him that Kay collapsed. Kay calls to notify her that she is home. Nikki confides in Paul and he reminds Nikki to go to AA meetings. 

Skye informs Adam she set up a high-profile interview. When Adam refuses to do it, she warns him if he doesn’t there will be consequences. Adam reluctantly shows up to the interview. 

Victor asks Heather to reopen Adam’s case as the interim D.A., but Heather informs him that she has to focus on Owen’s case. Victor offers to bankroll Heather’s campaign for D.A. in exchange for her word that she will go after Adam. Heather informs Paul that she is determined to prosecute Owen. 

Chance, Ronan, and Christine all explain that Chance’s death was a rouse they concocted in order to keep Chance safe. Ronan reveals to Nina that she was never supposed to witness any of it. Christine tries to apology again, but Nina isn’t so quick to forgive. Chance helps Nina accept their situation. 

Ronan reveals more about his life to Nina. Chloe opens up to Jill about her anger over losing Chance. Kay worries that Nina and Christine’s friendship won’t survive everything that has happened. Nina is forced to say goodbye to two sons. Nina struggles with the secret she now has to bear as she faces her family and all the people who loved Chance.

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