Recap The Young and The Restless: Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nick and Sharon are stunned when Noah arrives back at the ranch. Noah wonders how long it will be until Nick and Sharon get back together. Phyllis runs into Noah at the coffeehouse. Phyllis is unable to concentrate when he sees Nick and Sharon with Faith. Phyllis learns Jack invested in Skye and Adam’s hedge fund. Phyllis challenges Jack to bring his old-self back. Jack asks Phyllis to get a room with him. Phyllis informs Jack she can’t sleep with him as a ‘screw you’ to Nick. 

Skye and Jack share a drink at the bar and before they know it are sharing much more. Skye and Jack have sex as a way for Skye to get back at Adam. Adam comes home and finds Jack in his room. Skye is surprised by Adam’s reaction.

Billy and Victoria consider Tucker’s job offer. Victoria decides that Tucker is too unpredictable to work for. Victoria and Billy set out to prove they are not domestic by making love all over the house. They nearly get caught in the act when Summer and Reed wake up.

J.T. blindsides Mac when he admits he wants to start a family with her. Mac informs him that she actually wants to have a baby, too. Later, Mac reveals to J.T. that she thinks they may already be pregnant.

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