Recap The Young and The Restless: Thursday, September 23, 2010

Adam fumes when he confronts Jack about sleeping with Skye. Victor asks Nick to follow up with Heather regarding Adam’s case. Victor realizes that Jack is sleeping with Adam’s wife. Skye leads Jack to her room, but they find Adam waiting for them. Adam informs her that they need to stop fighting and work together. Adam announces he wished she stayed dead, which both Nick and Jack overhear from outside Adam’s suite. Heather is handed a cassette with Chance’s wire-tap. Adam shows up at Heather’s office and confronts her about re-opening the case. Heather brings up Chance and Adam realizes that she had feelings for him. When Adam leaves, Nick offers Heather his help and his friendship. Heather listens to a portion of Chance’s wire-tap, but is unable to make it through the entire thing before breaking down. Heather finally finds the strength to finish the tape and listen to Chance’s death. After landing in Australia, Cane calls Lily, but can’t reach her. Malcolm and Neil try to take a bit of the load off of Lily. Cane’s concern grows when he continues to be unable to reach Lily. Neil suggests that Malcolm not travel with Sofia to New Orleans because he is a distraction. After cooking the steaks, Lily notices they smell weird. Lily receives a worried phone call from Cane. Neil and Malcolm return to the house after they both received frantic 

messages from him to check on Lily. Lily assures him everything is fine and Neil and Malcolm decide to stay to take care of the twins. Outside the house, someone watches Neil, Malcolm and Lily.

Nikki continues to struggle with her drinking. Meggie learns Paul ran a background check on her. Nikki can’t fight the urge any longer and ends up taking drink. Paul informs Victor that Meggie’s background check came up clean, but warns him to remain careful. Meggie notices Nikki has been drinking and is thrilled that her plan is working. Meggie informs Victor that he overheard Paul talk about the background check and she has decided to leave. Victor assures her that he wants her to stay. Nikki witnesses them embracing.

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