Recap The Young and The Restless: Friday, September 24, 2010

Heather is blindsided when she learns that half her staff has been suspended. Christine informs her that Ronan is the FBI agent in charge. 

Nikki tries to talk to Victor about the embrace she witnessed between him and Meggie, but Abby interrupts. Nikki finds herself at the same AA meeting as Deacon. Abby is thrilled when Victor decides to give her a portion of her Newman trust, but is less enthusiastic when she realizes it is not without strings. 

Tucker informs him that he has decided to void Jack’s CEO contract with Jabot. Tucker informs Jack that he has until the end of the day to get Abby back on their side or he is fired. Abby informs Jack that she is calling Vance, she is going to sue Victor after all. 

Skye shows up at Restless Style and offers to let Billy put her on the cover. After some shameless self-promotion, Billy agrees to put Skye on his cover. Victoria is furious when she learns Billy is putting Skye on the next cover. Adam runs into Victoria and asks her how it feels to be Victor’s newest outcast child. 

Victoria and Victor face off when Victor comes to the magazine to stop Billy from putting Skye on the cover. Adam tries to control the cover by offering Billy a dual-cover with him and Skye, but Billy turns him down. When Victoria turns her back on Victor, he realizes that she has made her choice. Victor leaves just as Victoria has a sharp pain in her stomach.

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