Recap The Young and The Restless: Monday, September 27, 2010

As Deacon speaks at the AA meeting, Nikki feels his eyes on her. Later, Nikki goes to Gloworm while Deacon is working and Deacon pours her a drinking. He encourages her not to drink. Nikki finally manages to win a single battle with alcohol with Deacon’s help. 

Billy comes back to the magazine and finds Victoria in pain. She tries to keep Billy calm while they wait for the doctor. Billy and Victoria are crushed when the doctor reveals that their baby no longer has a heartbeat. Billy informs Victor that Victoria lost their baby because of a confrontation he had with her caused stress. Alone, Victor immediately calls Victoria, but she ignores his call.

Heather informs Victor that once Skye left Brazil the judge suddenly disappeared along with a large sum of money. Heather confronts Skye and Adam about her suspicions that Skye was involved with the judge’s disappearance.

Jack confesses he overheard Adam’s threats last night. Skye kisses Jack and informs him that she can handle Adam. Upstairs, Adam makes a final plea to Skye to get her to recognize Victor playing her.

Jack meets with Abby and informs her that he thinks he found a way to make sure she wins. Jack shows Abby that Victor has been using her trust to pay his SEC fines. Jack pushes Abby to take back what is rightfully hers. Jack calls Tucker to inform him that Abby is back on board.

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