Recap The Young and The Restless: Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Phyllis notices that Skye is flirting with Jack and wonders what is going on. Phyllis realizes he is sleeping with Skye. Billy confesses he is swamped at the magazine and Phyllis offers her services. He agrees to hire Phyllis back as his editor in chief. 

Later, as Billy is showing Phyllis the new cover, he mentions that he wishes he could have spiced up the cover story. Phyllis offers up the little tidbit that Jack sleeping with Skye and Billy. Skye informs Jack that no one can find out about their affair. 

Adam shows up at the ranch to see Sharon. He opens up to Sharon about Skye and how he hates her. Sharon informs Adam there may be a way for him to leave Skye, but she is cut off by a call from Noah. Adam moves to comfort a crying Faith and Sharon panics. She informs Adam that tomorrow is Faith’s birthday, one year since he took Faith from her. She wants Adam to stay away from them. 

Ronan gives Nina Chance’s belongings from the police station. When she asks him to stay, he warns her not to get her hopes up about a relationship with him. As Nina and Ronan slowly grow closer, Chloe is furious when she arrives to see him in Chance’s home. Nina defends Ronan, but Chloe informs them both that she will never be able to forgive him for what he did to Chance. 

Chloe is shocked when she shows up at the coffeehouse and Kevin is orange. He admits that he hooked up with Alison, the spray tan girl. Chloe is excited Kevin is moving on. Kevin is thrown to hear that Jana is working at Delia’s school. Jana informs him she is moving on and than hands him their divorce papers. They are officially divorced. Later, Jana shows up to work dressed exactly like Chloe. 

At Gloworm, Kevin takes one look at the books and realizes that Jeff has been laundering money and busts Jeff. Kevin agrees to help Jeff continue his business and keep it from Gloria. 

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