Recap The Young and The Restless: Friday, October 1, 2010

Skye pleads with Adam to continue to play the doting husband for the sake of the hedge fund, but Adam isn’t moved by her plea. Adam and Skye put on a very convincing show for their investors just as Sharon arrives to witness the entire thing. Adam informs Skye that to the outside world they are loving couple, but in private she better keep her hands to herself.

Jack intervenes when he finds Phyllis and Sharon at the coffeehouse about to claw each other’s eyes out over Restless Style’s newest issue. Jack and Phyllis end up back at her penthouse celebrating. The moment is charged with chemistry as the two continue to flirt. Before they give into their urges Phyllis stops them. Later, Jack returns to Phyllis’s and kisses her fiercely as they start to make love

Victoria asks Nick to join their lawsuit. Nick refuses to stand against Victor with Victoria and Abby. Michael gets a text from Vance and informs Victor that the girls are suing him for three billion dollars. Victor confronts his daughters about the lawsuit. Victoria and Abby hold their ground against Victor. Later, Victor informs Michael that they will fight Victoria and Abby and win. 

Meggie watches as Nikki orders a vodka tonic at Gloworm. Deacon tries to talk to Nikki, but she isn’t interested in his well-meaning advice. Later, Deacon sneaks Nikki upstairs, but not without Meggie seeing her.

Nick asks Sharon to go the Harvest Festival with him as his date.

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